nfsops.cli.main module

Main command application. = <typer.main.Typer object>

Main command application.

nfsops.cli.main.main(ctx: typer.models.Context, context: nfsops.context_type.ContextType = <typer.models.OptionInfo object>, root_template: typing.Optional[str] = <typer.models.OptionInfo object>, path: typing.Optional[pathlib.Path] = <typer.models.OptionInfo object>)

Create main context.

  • ctx (typer.Context) – Application context.

  • context (ContextType) – Context type.

  • root_template (Optional[str]) – Path template for backup name reference in the root context.

  • path (Optional[Path]) – Volume path. Defaults to /var/nfs-shared for subpath context, $HOME otherwise.


typer.Exit – Expected parameters contain validation errors.